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Reka is a realm in the afterlife where the souls of humans who's life ended before their due time are reborn as Kridlo Lidi.


Despite the creator of Reka only creating it hundreds of years prior to earth's time in the events of Akiyo, time is nonexistent in Reka and it was created to exist before time itself.


Reka is a worn down world with an apocalyptic feel. The realm was once lively until its creator transformed into a demon, which changed Reka into a hostile environment. Life on Reka is not impossible, but not easy. Most of the terrain is cracked brown gravel, mud, and debris, and there are strange plants that mimic earth's flora but with color changes and other distortions. But, most plants cannot thrive on Reka anymore. The color of the sky varies from shades of green and gray mostly, and Reka is commonly foggy.

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