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Introduce Yourself

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Can I post fanfiction?

Yes, but only in the discussions or your own userpage, blog or/and message wall. You cannot make an article for your fanfiction or add it to the existing articles.

Is it compulsory to follow the manual of style?

No, although it is very recommended. If a format of an article is wrong, an administrator will usually fix it. However, you won't be banned for not following the standards.

I am blocked. What should I do?

We suggest that you wait until the block duration ends. In the meantime, read the rules and policies again, and participate in other wikis. If you want to know what you did wrong, message the admin who blocked you. If you feel you have been unfairly blocked, contact the admin, and she/he will reconsider.

Can I advertise my wiki?

Yes, but only in your blogs, and in the discussions. The wiki must be similar to this one in some way (ex. a video game, Sci-Fi, etc.)

A user is doing something that breaks the policy of this wiki (harassing, bullying, disrespecting,etc.) to me. What should I do?

Immediately contact an administrator and provide a link to the conversation. If the user is doing those bad actions in chat, contact the chat moderator on duty.

Please note that we do not take screenshots as proof, and we do not handle conflict outside of this wiki's areas.

Are images not related to Akiyo allowed in this wiki?

They are only allowed on your userpage, blog or/and message wall.

What is the difference of this page, the Rules & Policy and the Manual of Style?

This page serves to guide new users who just joined this wiki.

The Rules & Policy explains our rules and how things work in this wiki. Except noted, all users should obey this.

The Manual of Style explains the good format of each article, organization, etc. of this wiki. It is optional to follow the Manual of Style, but it is VERY recommended to follow it.

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