Kridlo Lidi is one of the main races in Akiyo, their role is to defend humans from Demons.


Kridlo Lidi are humans who were assassinated by demons before their lives' set time is complete.

As consequence of this conflict within their souls, they revive as Kridlo Lidi, not remembering what happened in their previous lives, but needing to achieve some kind of special purpose to be able to rest in peace.

Kridlo Lidi are powerful spirits who reside in a city in the sky named Reka, where they study, train and develop the use of essence to produce weapons and tools to protect humans from Demon attacks.

Because of this collective grudge against demons, they discriminate against hybrids like Akiyo.

Physical appearance

Kridlo Lidi look like their human counterparts but they grow small, white wings.

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