Hybrids are dead humans who, for different spiritual conflicts end having both Kridlo Lidi and Demon blood after death. They possess traits and abilities that belong to both realms, for this reason, their potential in combat is genetically superior, however, they are discriminated by both Kridlo Lidi and Demons.


The causes for their existence is a mystery, but some of them were assassinated by a Demon before their set death time, meaning they would rebirth in Reka as Kridlo Lidi, but for a reason, like in Akiyo's case, their souls ended having an inner conflict that made them merge with the demon's soul, this reason could be a curse, demon spell interruption or others.

The chances of a human soul ending with both Kridlo Lidi and Demon are extremely low, for this reason, their numbers are very reduced, their existence in Reka is a general mystery for both Kridlo Lidi and Demons.


Hybrids share most of the abilities Kridlo Lidi and Demons have, they can control essence for difference purposes and transform into a Demon form, which grants them powers similar to Demons', such as hexes or curses.

Because of this mixture of capabilities, their overall potential for combat and technology development is expected to be superior.


Hybrids are expected to be discriminated in Reka by both Kridlo Lidi and Demons, sometimes even confused with the enemy and attacked, because of this most of them isolate themselves from society, or gather in small groups, which call themselves "Fallen Stars".

Physical appearance

Hybrids look like average Kridlo Lidi most of the time, with the exception being the color of their wings, being black instead of white, and a mark on their left wrist known as "Astral Cross", which causes them pain and seems to be connected with their spiritual conflict.

When their Demon form takes place, they grow horns, marks, and other appearance traits similar to Demons.

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