Damon is the primary antagonist in Akiyo. He is a Kridlo Lidi turned demon, and is a deity who altered the afterlife.


Damon is a tall man with a strong build. He has dark silvery hair, maroon eyes, and has black markings on his cheeks and black horns that twist backward. He has long, pointed ears, and his skin is ghostly pale and his eyes are surrounded by dark circles. He was in his mid 30's at the time of his death, so his appearance is of a middle-aged man. He wears a black, long coat with buckles and a shoulder piece resembling a skull. He has black pants, a gray shirt, and a brown belt.


Damon is charming and charismatic, but has a strong temper. He has held a grudge against humans for the centuries following his death, and the paradox of the world he created which existed before he did altered his memories and drove him to insanity. In his own mind, he is cleansing the world of evil, and anyone who doesn't share his vision or gets in the way is wrong.



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